A Personalized URL or PURL is a tactic that can be used as part of a list augmentation campaign. For example: If you knew that you had someone’s birthday and email address, but you did not have their direct mail address, you could invite them to visit their PURL to augment their profile within your database. In exchange, you could give them a special offer. A PURL is typically a one-off microsite with a URL specific to just that person. It is most often used within a VDP direct mail campaign as the PURL can be a variable that is used for personalization. A sample PURL could be: your-name.microsite.com or microsite.com/your-name. The microsite URL is usually completely different and separate from your brand’s parent URL so that it can be modified and tracked for the campaign only. Most PURLs consist of 4 pages: 1. entry/welcome message, 2. 3-4 question page, 3. profile augmentation form, and 4. special offer. Smart brands that are typically consumer facing (B2C) have learned to leverage PURLs as a way to entice their customer to convert or take advantage of a specific promotion. For example: If I was a member of the Zoo, and invited to answer questions about whether I liked pandas or tigers better, then shown a special offer of a behind-the-scenes tour of the tiger enclosure because I indicated that I liked tigers better than pandas, I would be much more likely to convert than if I was shown a generic special offer for giraffes because their data indicated that “everybody” likes giraffes.