Imagine two identical landing pages. Then, change one variable, like the number of questions you require within the form. Drive equal traffic to both pages and see which one converts better. That is A-B testing whereby you test two variables. When you do multivariate testing, you might end up with 4, 8, 16, or more landing pages that are all testing various elements. Each set should have one variable change. For example: If you were testing branding (design and imagery) vs messaging vs call to action vs length of form, you might have 4 or 8 variations in that campaign. Truly successful lead generation campaigns are based on an understanding that what we “think” we know about our online audience is usually not accurate. It is only by testing and retesting ad nauseam the various elements on a landing page that we can generate data to prove we “know” what resonates with our online audience to actually generate conversions.