Facebook Now Lets All 501(c)3 Non-Profits Create Fundraiser Pages

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As of yesterday, the largely anticipated Facebook fundraiser pages are now available to all U.S.-based 501(c)3 charities. Originally regarded as a social networking platform, Facebook has expanded in more ways than one over the past 12 years. Their most recent expansion, however, includes a new set of tools that enable people to raise money sourced from Facebook friends to U.S.-based 501(c)3 nonprofits directly from within Facebook.

Today, you can begin by creating a campaign page where you can share your story, establish a fundraising goal, and promote a donate button that lets other contribute with a few simple clicks.

In the past, many users wishing to raise money found it difficult, as they would need to place URLs that would link to external fundraiser and crowdfunding sites where donors had to leave Facebook in order to donate. As a result, this discouraged potential donors from donating. Instead of donating, they would simply like the post. Even though a “like” helps get more eyes on a post that is requesting donations, at the end of the day, many fundraisers failed to get the necessary funding needed for their campaigns.

As a way to combat this ongoing issue of “liking” versus actually “donating,” Facebook birthed Fundraiser pages. Additionally, as soon as someone takes the plunge and donates, the fundraiser page will also have an increased likelihood of getting shared and/or getting invitees as donors can invite others to join. The donate button will also be integrated into the sharer’s status. In a way, Facebook has enabled nonprofits the ability to harness the common perception of narcissism that active Facebook users breed to share how generous they are to their followers. I mean, hey, if it is helping these hard-working non-profits meet their fundraising goals to do good in the world, why not?

Facebook announced the news in a video that shared examples of popular charities they tested the tool with last fall 2015, some of which include World Wildlife Fund and World Food Program. “We can’t wait to see how people support the causes they care about most,” the post reads.

Watch the video here:

Facebook Nonprofit Fundraiser Handle: @NonprofitsOnFacebook. Get started at facebook.com/fundraisers.

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