Facebook Messenger And Snapchat Declined In Popularity Among Generation Z in 2015

WayUp Survey

WayUp Survey
WayUp Survey

WayUp, an online hub for job and internship opportunities for new graduates, recently shared new data on how Social Media application rankings among college students in 2015. WayUp put together a poll and queried over 1,000 college students around the country to see what their favorite go-to applications were. The poll was sent out 5 times during 2015. Not surprisingly, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat showed to be the most popular applications. On the other hand, WayUp found that Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, and Venmo decreased all in popularity.

New Findings Show That College Students Don’t Like Financial Applications

According to WayUp’s study, the choices of applications were mainly social media focused and while a number of apps saw a drop-off in popularity since the beginning of the year, the compiled data is slightly skewed. In this case, the data is only coming from a sample of college students. For example, Venmo, a very popular banking application that is considered the most used payment application, was ranked 16th overall for college students. Knowing this, we can conclude that college students are very much disinterested in financial applications as whole. On the other hand, it doesn’t hurt Venmo all that much considering it is still ranked the number one payment application on all mobile devices.

Snapchat’s Popularity Decline Sheds Light On Recent Introduction of Paid Ads & Selfie Fees

Although it may perplex many to hear that Snapchat declined in popularity last year, looking back on new features that were introduced by the mobile application may be the reason why the decline took place. During the first week of October, the application introduced their new paid advertisement feature. Soon after, they began to charge their users for their most popular selfie features. During this time, WayUp states that Snapchat began to drop off in popularity.

Facebook Messenger May Gain Popularity With Recent Uber Partnership

The separation of Facebook and its messaging application created somewhat of an uproar when users were forced to adopt Facebook Messenger. This and Facebook Messenger’s new privacy policy issues could be contributing factors to why there was a decrease in popularity in 2015. On Android devices specifically, the application’s list of permissions made serious headlines when users found that the application will be able to record audio, and take pictures and videos, at any time.


However, in recent months, Facebook Messenger made big steps with Uber. Users can now order a car through Uber inside of Facebook Messenger’s application by either selecting the “Request a Ride” button or clicking on an address a friend sent you. By click on either option, you will be redirected to a new screen where you can order a car, set a destination, and see your driver en route to your current location. With the introduction of Uber, Facebook Messenger may have a better opportunity at gaining popularity in 2016.

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