Design Jobs of the Future

Virtual Reality

Design jobs are evolving, and reaching outside of the art world more than ever. Design recruiter at the design consultancy Artefact, Dave Miller agrees that design is growing in intriguing ways. “Over the next five years, design as a profession will continue to evolve into a hybrid industry that is considered as much technical as it is creative. A new wave of designers formally educated in human-centered design—taught to weave together research, interaction, visual and code to solve incredibly gnarly 21st-century problems—will move into leadership positions. They will push the industry to new heights of sophistication.”

Looking as soon as three years ahead, top designers who will no doubt be leading the way have some crazy ideas on how the future of design will look. Below are just a few popular forthcoming design jobs.

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Virtual Reality
British television presenter Rachel Riley shows a virtual-reality headset called Gear VR during an unpacked event of Samsung ahead of the consumer electronic fair IFA in Berlin, Wednesday, Sept. 3, 2014. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

Augmented Reality Designer
Predicted to pop up in industries such as entertainment, education, and healthcare, designers who have the ability to create immersive experiences will seamlessly mesh the physical world with technology in virtual reality.

Avatar Programmer
As the depiction of celebrities become more prominent in virtual reality, mobile games, and movies, actors increasingly want more control over their image. Designers will use their programming knowledge to create an Avatar, or relative digital replica to their human selves to make their mainstream representations more realistic through the virtual world.


Chief Drone Experience Designer
As drones rise in popularity, user experience will be increasingly important to companies. Addressing things such as customer interactions, managing and maintaining fleets, and privacy concerns, these designers will help with the upkeep of companies entire service experiences.

Human Organ Designer
These designers will have extensive knowledge of hardware and software involved in bioelectronics, and work as experts in bioengineering and design. Executing all aspects of the process, they will be constructing and implementing the newly developed custom fit organ experience. Sooner or later, designers will also be a part of the process on creating and fitting artificially made human organs to their ultimate consumer.

Sim Designer
Simulated people will be created using accumulated data relating to customers, behaviors, and statistics, to anticipate prospective user behavior for products. These Sims will experience particular products, and essentially give reviews and recommendations relating to the products, which will then help drive design improvements so the products and companies may thrive.

The future of design lies in the increasingly complex opportunities that are now more often afforded to the design world, and the mixture of design, technology and engineering will be the foundation for future design.


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