Companies Who Capitalized On Spooky Marketing Campaigns This Halloween

Burger King launches Black Bun Whopper for Halloween

As a way to boost sales, companies launch a host of seasonal promotions and limited edition holiday specials in order to get customers in the holiday spirit and entice them to buy. Halloween is one of the most exciting holiday’s to capitalize on, because marketers can really get creative and put a spooky twist on their products and/or services. Companies, around the world, went above and beyond during Halloween this year to really excite their customers.

Here are 2015’s winners who take the cake for most wicked marketing campaigns this Halloween:

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper


When Burger King originally introduced their A1 laced, black bun whopper, the tasty treat gained a lot of positive feedback and excitement in social media. That was until customers saw what came out the other end. We won’t expand on the subject, but as you may have heard, it was a colorful surprise. Apparently this news didn’t deter curious customers from trying out the whopper. Even though the side effects were a little weird, the whopper still tasted great.

Chipotle “Boo-rito”

Chipotle’s annual Boorito fundraiser celebration gives customers the opportunity to snag burritos, bowls, salads, tacos or kids’ meals for just $3. This year’s promotional YouTube video shows a young woman’s worst nightmare of what Chipotle would be like if they served processed fast food rather than cooking by hand. The annual Boorito fundraiser serves as a reminder to customers that “unnecessary preservatives and additives found in fast foods are creepy.” The proceeds of the campaign go to the Chipotle Cultivate Foundation, which is then distributed to organizations that use sustainable food practices.

Chipotle’s “Unneces-scary” campaign wasn’t that scary; however, you can still score a $3 burrito by going to In order to actually receive the discount you need to come dressed in a costume that includes one unnecessary add-on. For example, a bear costume with a tutu would suffice. Hey, anything with a discount is something customers are going to entertain. Get the special $3 Boo-rito from 5 to 10 p.m. on Saturday, October 31st.

“Fang-tastic” Frappula

The vampire craze continues as Starbucks launches their Count-Dracula inspired Frappuccino this Halloween called Frappula. See our blog for details on their ‘bloody’ delight.

General Mills Cereals Come to Life

Have you ever wanted your cereal box to come to life? Well, even if you didn’t, now you can. Once you download General Mill’s Blippar smartphone application, take a screenshot of the cereal box and watch the characters come to life.

Volvo’s Invisible LifePaint


Earlier this year, Volvo invented a product to combat the increasing number of cycling deaths around the world. While invisible by day, the spray-on substance actually lights up at night, a great way to help bikers stay noticed on busy roads.

This Halloween, Volvo launched their “Be Scary, Be Safe” campaign for the purpose of helping trick-or-treaters stay more visible at night. Ever since the launch, parents and kids are coming up with some pretty cool ideas. Volvo also sells skeleton stencils for children to spray onto their costumes. A glare from flashlights or headlights will illuminate the outfit.

Here are some of last year’s Halloween favorites:

Arby’s Trick or Meat

Arby’s continues to step up their game with their “We Have The Meats” campaign. For Halloween, they introduced a spin off campaign called “Trick or Meat.” Arby’s released a series of Vine videos on Twitter to promote the Halloween special. They instructed customers to say the phrase “Trick or Meat” when they request any order so they could get a free slice of bacon.

Trulia Haunted House

Trulia did it best. The U.S. real estate company put together a ‘haunted’ prank for one of their open houses. Customers had no idea what they were getting into. The “haunted” house was sprinkled with spooky pranks from books falling off shelves, dolls coming to life, and the deceased owner rising from the dead.

Ford’s Spooky Car Wash

Ford also deserves a “job well done” for their spooky car wash. Thirty strangers were asked to stop for a car wash on the way to a filmed test drive.

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