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Warning to all non-animal eaters, the following is filled with tasty bacon content. Everything is better with bacon, even branding. Is this odd to you? It shouldn’t be. Bacon has been trending for the past few years. We (meat-eaters) have always loved the taste of Bacon, but this new trend has caused bacon to raise to superstar status.  In fact, bacon prices have even risen because of its increase in pop-culture popularity.

We are seeing a result of this popularity in a variety of settings. For example, our hometown of San Diego is about to host two major bacon events in the same weekend. The first is the International Bacon Film Festival, which is held on August 29, 2014, on the famous USS Midway Museum. This event is just what it sounds like, films focusing around bacon are submitted, then played on the day of the event for judging. Sound crazy? The videos are actually very interesting. Here is the winner from last year’s Film Fest. We present to you: Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast by Michael Cameneti.

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Funny, right? This film short portrays a fictional situation, which takes bacon addiction to the extreme. However, it reflects how the populace feels about bacon, to an extent. The four hour event will get you pumped for the next event, which takes place the next day. The San Diego Bacon Fest will take place from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and will focus on bacon and beer. Over 20 different eateries will be serving food with bacon, while over 25 breweries will be serving their beer. Talk about an amazing branding option. Some notable eateries participating in the event are Slater’s 50/50, Sublime Tavern, and even Sabuku, a sushi restaurant. For a full list of participants, check out the Bacon Fest eateries page. This event is sure to help the participating brands with their branding endeavors.

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For any who may not know, San Diego is a very popular hub for breweries. These breweries will be able to brand their beers at this bacon event, even though their brands do not necessarily have any relation to bacon. Some notable breweries attending the event are Stone Brewing Co., Karl Strauss Brewing Co., and the Lost Abbey. For a full list of breweries attending the event, check out the participating breweries page on the San Diego Bacon Fest website.

Bacon Cinnamon Roll
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Every year, creative new recipes are added into the mix, proving how crazy the public is about bacon. Slater’s 50/50 sells a burger properly called the ‘Merica Burger, which includes a patty made of 100% ground bacon, topped with bacon, eggs, a bacon dressing, and melted bacon cheddar cheese. Just by reading that description, we gained 5 pounds. Other interesting, and tasty, recipes include: bacon potato salad, bacon-wrapped asparagus, bacon & tomato spaghetti, clam chowder with bacon, chocolate chip bacon cookies, a bacon Manhattan cocktail, bacon maple ice cream, a bacon cinnamon roll, and more. Bacon recipes have become more extreme each year, as we become more accepting of the odd food combinations. Even though we have become more health conscious as a whole, we are willing to make an exception for the occasional ludicrous bacon product with a week’s amount of calories.

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Any event with bacon and beer is sure to do well. The takeaway here is the potential for brands to increase their exposure through trending topics, in this case, bacon. The events will be fun and exciting, which will help brands build a happy and lasting relationship with consumers. Anytime a brand can leverage a trend that has a passionate following (i.e. Bacon Maniacs), there is potential to make a lasting impression with individuals and build long-term relationships. Love it or hate it, bacon-lovers are here to stay. Time to leverage the love and brand your products accordingly.

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