Artist Maps Disney Movie Locations

We’ll admit it. We’re crazy Disney and Pixar fans. From Snow White to Frozen and everything in between, we love all things Disney. That’s why we were so drawn to this world map that artist Eowyn Smith created. The map compiles several of the magical kingdoms from Disney and Pixar movies and maps thme out at their respective locations around the world.

Smith explained the project on her DeviantART page. She said that the map feature 46 Disney and 16 Pixar movies. If the movie was too vague about the location, Smith used the location from the original story or myth the movies drew from.

Of course, the map is meant as a homage to Disney. And, yes, we love Disney, too. But it’s very interesting to note thatmost of the movies take place in North America or Europe, while just one (Mulan) takes place in China and only a few take place in South America, Africa, India, or the Middle East. Disney continues to cross borders and cultures, but the map shows that the majority of the movies are still very Western-focused. We look forward to seeing where Disney takes us next!

Without further ado, here is Smith’s creation.

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