Are you ready for Mobilegeddon?

MobilegeddonGoogle began rolling out their latest algorithm earlier this week, is your website prepared to meet the latest changes? Website managers everywhere have been working diligently to ensure their websites are not left in the search engine ranking dust after Google’s latest algorithm update that applies a heavy emphasis on mobile-friendliness of a website. Google will now start to downrank sites and pages that are not mobile-friendly, meaning a website that is not optimized for mobile devices will organically appear lower on the search engine rankings.

Over 50 percent of search traffic is now coming from a mobile device, and nothing is more frustrating for a mobile user than a webpage that has tiny text and half of its content inaccessible. Google has taken user preference into account when updating their ever-changing algorithm. It is actually surprising that they have waited this long to roll out a mobile-centric update. It is important to note only search results on smart phones will be affected. Search results on desktops and tablets will not be affected. However, if you consider the fact that over 50 percent of search volume that is mobile-based, mobile search engine results cannot be ignored.

So, is your site ready for Mobilegeddon? If your website, and all of its affiliated pages, are responsive to the type of devise it appears on, then you are just fine. However, if your site stays static regardless of what device it is appearing on, then it is time to do some updating.

For more information on the Google algorithm update, and the steps to take to get your website on the path to mobile-friendliness, read more here.

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