Apple Collaborates with Artists to Showcase their Devices Creative Abilities

Paint with Light

Apple has updated its Start Something New campaign this year to feature eleven artists from around the globe. Originally launched in 2014, the campaign showcases artists who use Apple’s products and apps to create their art.

Showing off Apple products’ artistic capabilities by filming their commercials “entirely on an iPhone” was just the beginning. Apple wants their users to know that Apple devices are more than just tools for social media. In their latest campaign, Apple wants to make its users aware of the unused potential their devices have. Start Something New provides customers with inspiration to create something that no longer requires professional equipment, and is available to all.


Apple’s Start Something New webpage boasts an artist’s gallery filled with almost a dozen pieces of creative works such as paintings, short films, drawings, and photographs. The gallery not only displays artwork, but also reveals how the artist created their work, what programs they used, and their methods of design. Viewers might even question how all of these works of art were created on an Apple device.


Japanese creative mind, Kahori Maki, takes a photo a flower on her iPhone and then uses the application Procreate to add a painted, colorful look to her photograph; while German artist Bernhard Lang takes aerial photos of vast landscapes on his iPhone which he later Photoshops. Darren Pearson, United States artist, paints with light, while also taking long exposure photos using the NightCap Pro app on his iPhone and uses his Apple watch as a viewfinder for creating his art.

Showing customers that their products can be utilized for purposes beyond social media, Start Something New is also broadening their ingenious design instruction. Sketch, Draw, and Paint with iPad, and Shoot More Artistic Photos with iPhone are two new free workshops announced by the campaign aimed at working with all skill levels, teaching them how to use their devices more creatively.

Paint with Light

Darren Pearson, photographer and artist, featured in Apples Start Something New Campaign thinks that products like the iPhone could be the future of photography. “The iPhone is capable and convenient, it’s a lightweight and inconspicuous camera with apps that can mimic the manual features of a DSLR. It enables any iPhone owner to give light-painting photography a try, just for fun, with the price tag of an app instead of a costly DSLR or mirrorless camera system.”

William Hundley, another iPhone photographer, thinks that now is the perfect time to be showing people all that their devices can do. “I’m a big fan of encouraging artists and non-artists alike to experiment with new ideas and tools and throw random ideas around with ease. Having this ability always available in your pocket is a great advantage.”

Apple is inspiring its users through their hands-on approach with workshops and showcases encouraging self-expression. “The door is open, you might learn something new that interests you,” Says Pearson. So get out there with your device and become the next Picasso!

To check out the gallery, click here.

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