An Extraordinary Artist Was Lost Today


Reinventing his personal brand throughout the generations, the iconic life of David Bowie celebrated diversity within genders, bizarre and captivating, this brilliantly artist separated himself by always teetering on the edge of many extremes. He taught fans, young and old, that drama, image, and an eclectic persona are the most powerful tools to embrace ones multiplicities.

Starting out in the advertising business at UK based agency, Nevin D Hurst Advertising, the Bowie began his creative journey as a young commercial artist in training, and passed away today as a leading, endlessly versatile cultural icon. Known for his musical journeys through time and space, the thin White Duke labeled himself as an outsider. As an artist, he constantly pushed the boundaries of society and music. His melodious blends of rock, punk, electronica, jazz and cabaret were just one of the many characteristics of his eclecticism.

As a spectacle in the music, performing art, fashion, advertising and film world. Bowie’s continually transforming personality was a benchmark for his message of compassion in support of nonconformity. Costume and imagery within Bowies Music videos and concerts featured an array of styles from space suits to German Expressionism, and Japanese kimonos. Uneasiness, devastation, media, insanity, separation and aspiration encompassed Bowie’s inveterate motifs. “My entire career, I’ve only really worked with the same subject matter. The trousers may change, but the actual words and subjects I’ve always chosen to write with are things to do with isolation, abandonment, fear and anxiety, all of the high points of one’s life.” Bowie stated in a rare interview.


Ziggy Stardust, the most famous Bowie reinvention, was an androgynous rock star alien sending a message of hope to young fans during a time when changing attitudes on sexuality was a prevalent topic. Only four years after Stardust’s appearance in 1972, emerged Thin White Duke, the character with blonde slicked back hair and a more restrained appearance reflected Bowie’s dive into drugs and emotional stress. The same year that the moon landing occurred, the cosmically captivated spirit created Major Tom, a fictional astronaut that became stranded in space. Aladdin Sane, an ambiguous name (A Land Insane) followed in 1973 with red and blue lightening bolt face paint and costume like-attire.

With affection for misbehavior, David Bowie pushed aside the idea of an unparalleled personal brand, and was distinctive for his celebration of many faces. His relentless reinvention made him a beloved man of many personas, and will truly be missed.

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