A Retro-Futuristic Glimpse Into Space Tourism


Inspired by their grandfather’s 30-year career working as an illustrator at the Ames Research Center imagining the future of NASA, brothers Don and Ryan Clark bring back to light the same dream their grandfather had for a bright future in space tourism. The design duo founded their firm Invisible Creature 10 years ago, and are known for working closely with musical artists such as the Foo Fighters and Kendrick Lamar doing branding and packaging work. More recently, the team partnered with Jet Propulsion Lab to create a series of posters inspired by the dreamers of space travel.


A preview to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s 2016 Visions of the Future Calendar, the poster series is a pop culture revival of the retro futuristic thoughts space travel has always held. The ‘60’s sci-fi paperback cover inspired poster “The Grand Voyage”, reads “Experience the charm of gravity assists,” speaking to the bicentennial festival that can only be shared once every five generations. This poster honors the alignment of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and NASA’s voyager program where two robotic probes, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 visit all four planets in the same trip.


The second poster showcases Mars, developed as a futuristic excursion to the psychedelic ‘70’s flower power past. As FastCoDesign simply puts it, “What would a travel poster for Mars look like when it was the Solar System’s equivalent of Philadelphia: a history-steeped extraterrestrial locale where we sent our first rovers, first discovered water, first terraformed, and first settled.”


Enceladus, the methane-spewing ice volcanoes of Saturn’s icy moon, will be yet another destination for futuristic space travelers alike. Renamed by Invisible Creature brothers, “Cold Faithful”, will be similar to the National Parks of present day. Designers Don and Ryan pay homage to their grandfather with a traveler’s silhouette in the third poster, who was a large influence on their interests in space tourism. Ryan designed this poster “and he imagined this old NASA engineer at the end of his career, actually visiting Enceladus in a spaceship he invented,” said Don.

The poster series design is retro, futuristic, loud and innovative, and the message speaks volumes towards the modernization and insight into the future of space exploration for ordinary people. The vision of space tourism could be coming to a head so soon, these posters seem to make that dream a reality closer than anyone thought.

What could be even better about these posters, nothing right? Wrong. You can download them at high resolution for FREE here. Thank you to NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for sharing this rad art.

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