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Noma Bar – NewYork-Presbyterian : ‘UnMasking a Killer / Full Version from Dutch Uncle on Vimeo.

Born in 1973, the Israel born artist Noma Bar dabbles in graphic design and illustration. His work has been featured in publications such as Time Out London, BBC, Random House, The Observer, and “has illustrated over 100 magazine covers, published over 550 illustrations and released two books of his work through Mark Batty Publisher: Guess Who- The Many Faces of Noma Bar and Negative Space,” according to Dutch Uncle. Bar is most known for his illustrations, which as he states on his website highlight “maximum communication with minimum elements.”

The most interesting ad during the Super Bowl had to be Noma Bar’s quirky animation Unmasking A Killer for New York Presbyterian Hospital. The first video of the series, which is still currently in production, shies away from the typical scientific jargon, and instead brings Bar’s signature minimalist, and slightly geometric illustrations to life. “Increasing understanding of new therapies at the frontiers of medicine, Unmasking a Killer explains the science behind immunotherapy,” says Noma Bar.

Bar chose animation as his artistic medium for this project to convey the difficult subject matter. The highly technical, abstract concepts are seamlessly conveyed as entertaining and informative analogies and metaphors. The overall strategic approach for the campaign is to “Highlight particular ‘amazing things’ happening in medical innovation at NYP and its associated medical schools,” Stephen Feinberg (Seiden ECD) stated in a recent interview. “We saw a need for content to explain some of the advances being talked about in mainstream media in terms an educated lay person could understand, and in a way that would encourage engagement (as opposed to a ‘talking lab coat’ video or overly technical material intended largely for professionals).”

The key to the campaign series is to consolidate tons of information into a more unequivocal design advocating particular clinical areas and definitive assets within the organization. This series of patient stories will bolster New York Presbyterian’s distinguished services and care, as well as encouraging patients to find and make appointments with more suitable physicians.

The 60 second animation is not only another great piece of art for Bar’s portfolio, but also a creative masterpiece that will hopefully have a profound effect on how patients look at, and understand certain therapies and treatments the hospital provides.

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