5 Companies With Massive Success on YouTube

Image courtesy of researchresults.wordpress.com
Image courtesy of researchresults.wordpress.com

Engaging customers via online channels has become an increasingly difficult task. Web viewers have become jaded and can easily block out your standard web banner and social media ads. A study showed that 82% of Americans completely ignore online advertising all together. The sad truth is, stationary advertising is not compelling and simply does not work. But don’t fret; there is a solution, although you may not like it.

For the past 100 years brands have done “Look at me!” ads, touting their latest and greatest achievement. However, consumers are not receptive to this type of advertising online. To cut through the slew of online ads, brands are turning to content-driven and engaging forms of advertising. One of the best ways to provide content that users find engaging is to upload videos on a branded YouTube channel.

YouTube provides an environment where users and advertisers can engage in a mutually beneficial relationship. With over a billion unique users coming to YouTube each month, advertisers would be daft to ignore the advertising potential in the platform. YouTube has become a mecca of great content, regardless of its origin. From Mom’s basement to outer space, YouTube has videos from every walk of life. Brands have the opportunity to become thought leaders and creators in the eyes of their viewers by providing content-rich videos that go deeper than a typical ad and are tailored to their customers.

Let’s take a look at five brands that are doing everything right on their YouTube channels by providing content, not ads. Hopefully we can learn a lesson or two and obtain a fraction of their success.

Granted GoPro has an unfair advantage over the competition because their product creates videos. Go Pro is an outstanding example of a brand that uses their YouTube channel as a true action sports network as opposed to an advertising channel. The brand leverages their channel to prove that they produce a product that is “of the people.”

The GoPro channel starts with a captivating welcome video, which then leads to the plethora of available content. Having a lot of content is important, but it must be organized and easily accessible for the user. GoPro keeps all of their content organized and categorized, from sports to celebrities; each video is enticing and creative. With 1.9 million subscribers, they seem to be doing something right. Be warned: it is easy to get sucked into the time-sinking vortex.

2. Fiat
The Fiat YouTube channel does a very good job of delivering a small and mighty channel that releases compelling content. From their short and sweet “snackable” videos driven by their Snapshot series to comical videos released for the 500L. With a whopping 12,000 subscribers, they are certainly not a heavy hitter in the video content department, but they are seeing significant increases in their subscriber rate.

3. Playstation
The Playstation YouTube channel is a prime example of a brand that commits to consistently providing high-quality, content-driven videos. The brand’s channel is extremely streamlined and organized, making it easy to immediately route the user to the console of their choice. Playstation generates a massive amount of content for its video-hungry 2.4 million subscribers; uploading 8 to 10 new videos each week.

4. Home Depot
Home Depot’s YouTube channel is unique among this list because the video content is how-to based rather than entertainment based. If you can’t be funny, you should at least be helpful. With over 1,000 tutorial videos, Home Depot’s channel has become a hub of “how to.” The channel has close to 60,000 subscribers, and it is growing. The videos themselves can reach upwards of 1 million views, telling Home Depot that they are providing “the people” with what they want.

5. Pepsi
Pepsi’s YouTube channel is a fantastic source of endless entertainment. Pepsi consistently provides entertaining content on their channel in a variety of formats. From their 75-video sketch series titled “Internet Taste Test,” to singular videos featuring celebrities like “Test Drive with Jeff Gordon.” Pepsi’s crowned video jewel lies with their Uncle Drew series which has all the components of a successful web series: a compelling story, simple production, and a light-dose of celebrity touch.

Creating video content to market your brand does not have to be scary. Simply provide content that users find compelling and useful. GoPro provides video content that is cool and entertaining, while still featuring the product’s capabilities. In contrast, Home Depot provides users with how-to tutorials. Whoever your target market is, you need to know your audience to know what they want. Once you know what your market needs, go out and generate content that fulfills the need. Easy as one, two, three (in theory).

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