2015 Webby Award Winners

webbysmallThe Webby Awards is the “Oscars of the Internet,” recognizing international excellence on the Internet. The awards were established in 1996, when the Internet was just in its infancy stages. The (now awfully dated) 1997 winners ran the full gamut; Web game winner, You Don’t Know Jack, to Web movie and film E! News online.

This year’s Webby Awards winners are in. The landslide winners this year were Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign and TED, each brand taking 11 awards home. The awards are presented in six groups: Special Achievement, Websites, Online Film & Video, Advertising & Media, Mobile Sites & Apps, and Social. Within each group are a variety of subcategories. Let’s take a look at some of the standout winners.

Special Achievement
The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a prime example of how viral content can fundraise for a good cause. The social media sweep of this past summer’s ice bucket challenge raised over 100 million dollars for ALS. Beyond the dollar amount raised, substantial international awareness was created via viral content.

Websites The best practices category winner in Websites was TED, the company behind all those riveting TED Talks you have watched. TED was voted the judges and the people’s pick. The best practices category serves as an industry benchmark for the most innovative and advanced practices used in Web development today. This results in the best overall user experience with the site, including functionality, visual design, structure, interactivity, and more.

Online Film & Video
The Best Individual Performance winner for Online Film & Video goes to “If Google Was a Guy” branded video. The winner of this category can be a wide variety of performances, as long as the video captures the attention of the viewers and is not easily replicated.

Advertising & Media
Burger King’s “Anti Pre-Roll” won the Best Use of Online Media category due to its creative way of turning “the most hated thing on the Internet into LOLZ.” These dude-targeted pre-roll video ads that run before popular YouTube videos were a major hit for Burger King, resulting in a 33 percent increase in click-thru rates.

Mobile Sites & Apps
MailChimp’s Mobile app is the winner of the best practices category for Mobile Sites & Apps. This clean and efficient app sets an industry standard of excellence by being innovative, easy to use, and offering advanced features.

The Best Use of Video in Social award goes to Always’ #LikeAGirl campaign video. The #LikeAGirl campaign as a whole was a feat of marketing genius. The campaign found a way to empower women while also perfectly aligning with Always’ product offerings.

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