#100HappyDays: Can You Complete the Challenge?

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Things are getting a little more chipper around the Incitrio Branding & Marketing Agency office. Perhaps it’s the new year, maybe the excess of sugar around, or just a spring in our step. Regardless, it’s the little moments that count and need to be appreciated. Like when your boss brings Starbucks, or coworkers surprise you with Valentine’s Day gifts, or an extra candy at the bottom of the bag.

There’s actually an organization that exists and supports overall happiness. The 100 Happy Days foundation has made personal happiness go viral. How you ask? It started in 2013 when Dmitry Golubnichy found himself in a rut and decided to focus on being happy. Inspired by his friends who were still happy living the same lives they had for so long, he decided that he could find at least one thing each day for 100 days that made him happy. Add a hashtag and he was set!

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By tracking with the hashtag #100happydays, the organization is able to track how many people hit their goal (one post per day for 100 days). According to their organization, they’ve tracked 20 million happy moments and have 1 million “happiness ambassadors” (those that have completed this challenge). It’s about taking the time to focus and appreciate the little things in life that make you happy.

In a world filled with go go go, and meetings, and inboxes with 30,000 unread emails – it’s easy for the happy moments to be taken for granted. 100 Happy Days is trying to change our perspective and direct our energy in a complex society, to the simple things (maybe a hug or a coffee date). I’ve written about organizations that help change the world by going viral, and I think this is one of the top ones out there. How can we care about others and our jobs and the work we do, if we can’t stop to appreciate the things that make us happiest?

I have to say, I love seeing organizations that inspire change through the power of a #.

To read more about Dmitry’s story and sign up for 100 Happy Days, check out .


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