17 08, 2015

Top Trends in Video Content Today

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Nike Just Do ItRecognizing the power of strong video content, companies are beginning to experiment with different forms of video advertisements in hopes of further building their brands. Nowadays, video content is virtually everywhere: on your smartphone, your TV, your tablet, etc. There’s truly no escaping it. With that said, brands are trying to figure out the best way to keep butting into you life without annoying you beyond return, which isn’t an easy task. Being in a society that lives and breathes technology, consumers have seen it all. In the simplest of forms, consumers are no longer impressed with two-minute mundane and simplistic advertisements. Marketers are being forced to rise to the occasion and generate compelling creative that leaves consumers wanting more. […]
11 08, 2015

Secret Sauce To Branding

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Establishing a well known brand is not only challenging but also essential. For example, take a look at Nike. Since the inception of Nike in 1964, the athletic apparel giant has been able to dominate. Nike has been able to succeed for generations because it’s constantly adapting to meet market needs. If companies want to establish a long living brand, they need to stay innovative.

Imagine what would happen to Nikes brand if they launched their signature “swoosh” logo and then sat back and said, “we’re good for this generation.” Nike’s brand image would be extinct.

20 04, 2015

Nike Women: “Better For It” Campaign

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Nike's Better For ItNike’s latest women-centric ad campaign is geared towards your average athlete, yet may just be the most inspiring campaign they have run in recent history. The latest #betterforit campaign, developed by Wieden + Kennedy, features women of a more average athletic variety tackling obstacles most of us face when venturing into uncharted workout territory. Every woman has experienced that awkward moment when they are not necessarily the most fit person in their spin class. Or, no matter how hard they try to hold a yoga pose, can’t quite make it for the full 30 seconds. Nike is tapping into that awkward athletic journey and they understand the variable obstacles you must overcome to reach your fitness goals, but they know you will be “better for it.” […]
25 07, 2014

Branding Blunders: The Sequel

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Branding Blunders_The SequelWe are back with more Branding Blunders! If you missed our last installment of Branding Blunders, check it out! Let’s look at a few situations where branding efforts hurt big brands. Mange Your Social Media Accounts and Change Your Password We have become more tech savvy as the we have ventured farther into the new millennium. With the population becoming more tech savvy, passwords need to be changed often. Why? Because you don’t want to experience a PR Nightmare like Burger King. In February of 2013, someone found their way into Burger King’s Twitter page and decided to wreak some havoc. The account hijacker changed the Twitter handle name and avatar to McDonald’s and to the McDonald’s logo, and began to post inappropriate content. The lesson is to constantly manage your Social Media accounts and passwords. And for those of you still using “12345” and “Password” as your passwords, perhaps you deserve to have your accounts hacked. […]