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A new study shows that participants that were sent messages containing emojis scored higher on memory than those that were sent messages without them.The same study also found that emojis can portray your business as friendly. So, what does it all mean? Well, it means that emojis help with retention rates and makes your business seem not only friendly, but also competent. From a marketing standpoint, emojis can increase twitter engagement by 25.4%, Facebook likes by 57%, and the number of comments by 33%. But with over 2,000 emojis, how are you supposed choose what works?

According to a study from HubSpot, which looked at 19,617,281 published posts across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, and Instagram, they found the following: Most Popular Emojis, Emojis that Increase Engagement, and Emojis with High Click Through Rates.

The Most Popular Emojis

  1. 👉
  2. 👇
  3. 😉
  4. 🎉
  5. 🤔
  6. 👏
  7. 🚀
  8. 🔥
  9. 🎄
  10. 👀

These emojis are popular across all five social media platforms, according to HubSpot

The Emojis Most Likely to Increase Engagement

  1. 🙆
  2. 🍒
  3. 🐠
  4. 💃
  5. 🌤
  6. 💘
  7. 😔
  8. 💕
  9. 😢
  10. 💓

In this study, HubSpot defined engagement as likes, comments, and shares. It’s worth noting that the top five emojis are not commonly used, which means people are responding to the novelty factor.

The Emojis Most Likely to Encourage Click-Through

  1. 🐙
  2. 🐴
  3. 👖
  4. 🍒
  5. 🚂
  6. 🏳
  7. 🌉
  8. 🆓
  9. 👇
  10. 🎟

Most of these emojis are not frequently used, which means that novelty continues to drive curiosity. Emojis have the ability to make your brand seem more transparent and fun, but use them sparingly. This data is a good starting point to see what your followers react to and can change accordingly to speak to them.

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