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Going on Vacation? 10 Creative Out-of-Office Replies to Try

Professional Writing Ahhh, it’s time for your vacation. However, people who are still toiling away while you’re soaking-up the sun are going to email you while you are away. If you are looking for a creative way to inform people that you are out of the office, give one of these a try.

Standard Professional
Thank you for your email. I’m out of the office and will be back on DATE. During this period I will have limited access to my email. If you need immediate assistance, please contact NAME at NUMBER.


Technical Issues
Your message contained too many words for our system to accept at the present time. Please re-format and re-send.

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Advice On How To Be A Professional Millennial

MillennialsThe Millennial generation is not only the largest population, but also the most racially diverse and highly educated generation in American history. They are a tech-savvy, media-connected generation that tends to be needy and impatient; however they are optimistic about the future.


How can millennials combat some of the most common stereotypes?

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Keeping Up With Millennial Marketing

Mobile App Social MediaMarketers are struggling to find ways to reach the millennial generation on social media platforms. In the last ten years, there has been a shift in advertising methods as social media becomes much more widely adopted. This has caused millennials (people ages 18-34 years old) to become the most targeted audiences for advertisers. There is no longer a simple formula for advertisers to follow, and millennials are forcing marketers to stay on their toes. Unless a brand steps out of the box and develops innovative marketing tactics, their advertisements will not be well received among the millennial generation.
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Timing is Key For Video Advertisements

ClockEverybody has heard at least once in their lifetime that timing is key. Whether it be in a relationship or in a business endeavor, timing is one of the main contributors towards gaining success. But, how does one really know if they’ve nailed the ideal timing? Well truth is, they typically don’t. That’s not to say that timing isn’t thought about and strategized, but at the end of the day, some things are left up to chance.
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How Marketers Are Making Noise at Music Festivals

Lollapalooza Music FestivalCoachella tickets go on sale, you set up three different computers in hopes that one of them will get you through to the concert page, and when you do, you hit purchase without even looking at the ticket price. You let everyone and their grandma know that you got a ticket; you Snapchat, Facebook, and Tweet about it all at once. Great, everything is rainbows and butterflies until you go out to dinner three days later and find you have $3.61 cents left in your checking account. This feeling takes awhile to set in. Some go through the five stages of grief, while others attempt to rationalize their purchase. “I just won’t go out to dinner for the next five months.” At the end of the day, one way or another, you move past the hit your bank account took because you finally get to see Disclosure’s moon suites in person.
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GoPro Is About To Rule The Video Advertisement Industry

GoPro Action ShotWith GoPro on the rise as one of the most desired and loved cameras among consumers, advertisers are about to find out just how powerful their video content can be. Recently, GoPro released that they will offer their video footage to advertisers at a price. At its launch, the company will be offering over 600 videos from amateur to professional videographers at $1,000 a pop.
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Generating Company Leads Through Social Media

Lead GenerationMost marketers think the intent of social media is to generate brand building and awareness. Companies will write blogs, share interesting facts about their industry, engage with their users on social media sites, and assume they have done their job. It’s not to say that they haven’t, however they are selling themselves, and for that matter, their company, short.

With social media marketing on the rise, companies have been able to reduce their marketing costs by 45%. While this is music to markers’ ears, what they are missing is significant leads generation through social media. Of the companies that are consistently active on social media, only 24% of these brands utilize these sites for generating leads.
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How to Use #TBT in Your Marketing:

Hashtag #TBTIn 2014, statistics proved that the hashtag #tbt has been used 193 million times on Instagram and #throwbackthursday 38 million times. Within the last year, those numbers have increased even more.

Surely, most of you out there are well educated on the term “Throwback Thursday.” Even if you haven’t tried using this phrase, you’ve probably seen or at least heard about the hashtags #throwbackthursday and #TBT. This phenomenon entails posting an older picture on social media, often on Instagram, on Thursday. Every Thursday of every week, these well known hashtags will make an appearance on various social media sites. Throwback posts are most commonly used on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter. Read More >

Linking Techniques For Companies To Get Their Voices Heard

SEO TypographyContent marketing and SEO are two side of the same coin, meaning they are different but yet closely linked to the same idea of increasing brand awareness. Looking at the baseline, great content at high quantities typically results in optimized searches. This isn’t to say that quantity should rank higher than quality, but rather the two coexist together.

Typically, a company’s content marketing goals look something like this:

  • Brand awareness or reinforcement
  • Lead conversion and nurturing
  • Customer conversion
  • Customer service
  • Customer loyalty/retention
  • Customer upsell
  • Passionate subscribers

Look familiar to you? Almost any company who is trying to stay afloat as a business (at a minimum) thrives to reach these goals, but why is it that they are so hard to accomplish?
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5 Successful Comic-Con Brand Partnerships

Comic Con San Diego Comic Con was another smashing success this year. During this year’s four-day extravaganza, which kicked off last Wednesday, we found several brand trying to make their mark at the grand event. However, many brands believed it was too expensive to promote their brand at this worldwide event. In fact, only a handful of folks were creative enough to figure where they might fit in and who to team up with. Whether it’s flinging pizzas or putting on makeup, brands of all sizes found their place at Comic Con. Barnaby Legg, VP of theatrical marketing for Legendary Pictures, stated, “partnerships that make sense are absolutely key for us.”

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