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Heineken’s 2015 Marketing Plan: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It

Heineken MarketingHeineken USA is no stranger to successful campaigns in the advertising world. Many consider the beer brand a pioneer in adaptive marketing strategies and digital campaigns. Heineken USA’s 2014 marketing strategies proved successful, and the same is expected of the brand’s 2015 campaigns. Heineken USA has unveiled their master plan for 2015, and it includes a 30 percent increase in digital spend with a greater emphasis on soccer over past years. And, of course, we can expect to see a dash of Neil Patrick Harris sprinkled in.
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Marketing Positivity to Millennials

Marketing PositivityMarketing with a strong undertone of happiness has become a growing trend in 2015. Big name brands like McDonalds, Coca-Cola, and Dove have already seen massive success thanks to their positivity-based marketing campaigns. These brands are employing a variety of marketing avenues to make the world a happier place. The campaigns have spanned from tackling online negativity to having a love-inspired currency. Although the ultimate goal of the advertising is undeniably to make more money, the added side effect of happiness results in the brands having greater engagement with their consumers, especially the highly-desirable millennial demographic.
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Google Algorithm Update: Mobile-Friendly Required by 4/21/2015

eblast_googleGoogle recently announced that their next algorithm update will take into consideration the mobile-friendliness of a site within search engine rankings. This means if you have a site that is not “friendly” to mobile devices, then you will likely be penalized and appear lower within search results. The new “mobile-friendly” requirement and ranking signal update to the Google algorithm is scheduled for April 21, 2015, so time is running out to get your website optimized.

Although the update may seem harsh for sites that have not taken the time to optimize for mobile viewing, we commend Google for giving forewarning prior to releasing this update. Typically, Google implements new updates and website rankings are at the search engine’s mercy.
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The Coca-Cola Bottle Celebrates Its 100th Anniversary

Coke Bottle 100th AniversaryCoca-Cola has been known to run the full gamut when it comes to their advertising tactics. Their methods can range from fully integrated campaigns that have a common theme running through every media outlet, to campaigns that are one-off video or outdoor advertising. The moral of the story, Coke is not afraid to try new things, and that is exactly what they are doing with the next set of ads they have running to celebrate their iconic bottle’s 100th anniversary.
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#TheDress Is Trending…Still

Bill NyeEveryone knows the Internet is capable of spreading information at the speed of light, but getting something to go viral is something that even the biggest marketers have a hard time doing right. Very few things, like the color of a dress for example, break through the ceiling and become instantly viral in a matter of minutes.
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Top Successful Brand Spokespeople

top spokespeople 5

Image courtesy of Trendistic.com

These days, everyone in marketing is trying to figure out how to make their brand stand out. More often than not, we’re seeing more brands that rely on celebrity endorsements. Sometimes this works, other times, celebrities are viewed as being unrelatable – a negative when trying to sell to the common consumer. So, we’ve come up with some top brand spokespeople (celebrities and non-celebrities) that made their brand big bucks. Read More >

Design for Good: Our 2014 Social Impact Report

Incitrio’s Mission Statement:
At Incitrio, we believe and practice Mahatma Ghandi’s famous words: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” We are committed to making a difference. Through the application of design thinking for social change, we create opportunities, we connect, and we empower those around us.
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Dominate Your Creative Content

Creative Content

Image courtesy of howto-expert.com

Every content generator is ever-venturing to create content that is creative and interesting for their target audience. But always coming up with the next greatest thing can get monotonous and is downright difficult. So, let’s get self-referential by outlining the seven steps to making effective and creative content.

Stage #1: Step Away From Your Computer
Although this may sound like torture, it is important you step away from your digital tools and take time to harvest your own original thoughts. This process takes longer, but it is one of the best ways to utilize your beautifully creative brain to its maximum potential. If you want to create content that is unique, original, and interesting, it won’t work to constantly regurgitate what you read on a deluge of digital media.
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The Oscars Flop On Twitter

Oscars Fails on TwitterThe Oscars is known to be a big night for Twitter in the social media realm. But this year, Twitter’s stats were not up to their usual par. Fewer people tweeted about the Oscars this year than in 2014, or even 2013, according to Nielsen. Even though Twitter didn’t stand out, Facebook made up for the slack.

Nielsen figures show that there were a total of 5.9 million Oscar-related tweets. That’s down about 65% from last year’s 17.1 Million, though the latter figure was global while the 5.9 million referred to the US. In 2013, there were 8.9 million tweets about the show, and that figure was also global.
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Happy 25th Anniversary, Photoshop!

Photoshop Anniversary

Photoshop has a nice track record of being the number one tool for digitally altering images. If you ask someone who is not familiar with the graphic design industry, the reaction is a little bit different. They might envision fashion models being airbrushed beyond recognition. But whichever way you look at Photoshop, there’s no denying the power this software provides to designers and photographers alike. This year marks Adobe’s 25 years of Photoshop, and to commemorate the occasion, Adobe wants to remind the world that there is more to Photoshop than just image-editing.
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