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Facebook: Goodbye Organic Post Reach

Goodbye Organic ReachMarketers who have endeavored to use Facebook as a means of getting their marketing message into the world are becoming more and more frustrated with decreased organic post reach. Social advertisers may be thinking that they are doing something wrong, when the truth of the matter is: Facebook is deliberately hindering a business post’s chances of being seen by page fans. The reasoning behind post hindrance is multi-fold, but don’t fret, there are ways to increase organic post reach.

One certainty is that organic post reach for businesses has been on a steady decline over the past several months. In fact, a study by Social@Ogilvy found that organic reach has dropped to 6 percent, which is a significant decline from 49 percent in October, 2013. This means that brands can expect their page posts to organically reach six people for every one-hundred page fans they have.
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Ikea’s Marketing Message: Keep It Quirky

Ikea StorefrontWhether you love it or hate it, there is no denying that Ikea is a juggernaut in the furniture world. In fact, they span beyond furniture with their wildly popular Swedish meatballs and other food offerings, bringing in close to $2 billion in annual revenue for the food division. That is enough revenue to rival Panera and Arby’s financials.

Ikea was founded in Sweden in 1943, and has grown to over 350 stores (40 of which are in the U.S.) in 45 countries. The furniture company reported selling over $28 billion in furniture last year, making it the largest furniture company in the world. Ikea’s cool, contemporary, and inexpensive designs make the furniture nearly irresistible for college students and families on a budget. The caveat, you have to spend hour upon frustrating hour assembling your furniture from hundreds of random pieces.
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CoverGirl Gets Pulled into Ray Rice Controversy

CoverGirl ad using Baltimore Ravins' colors

Image courtesy of http://www.heartbeautymagazine.com

By now, you have probably heard about the domestic violence incident with Ray Rice and his fiancée. What you may not have heard about is the negative image NFL sponsors are receiving. In order to explain this phenomenon, we need to discuss the seed of the anger. Although Ray Rice is at fault for the incident, people seem to be even angrier with the Commissioner for his original decision to suspend Rice for two games. Although this punishment has now been upgraded to an indefinite suspension, fans are still not satisfied. Why? Because many people are skeptical about the statement by the NFL, claiming that the horrific footage of the assault was unseen until TMZ released the footage last week.
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Burger King’s Japanese Kuro Burger: An Edible Novelty

Kuro BurgerFor all those people in the world who cannot get enough of the color black, Burger King Japan has your burger. As off-putting as it may sound, the Kuro (translates to black) burger is making a comeback due to popular demand. The gothic burger is available in two delectably dark varieties: diamond and pearl. The burgers come complete with bamboo charcoal-dyed black buns and black cheese, and are topped off with a black squid-ink sauce.

It all began in 2012, when the bacon-covered Kuro Ninja burger was introduced to Burger King’s Japanese Market. The limited-time burger saw great success, despite a human’s natural tendency to avoid eating foods that look like they have been to hell and back. However, if a weird-looking food is going to make it anywhere, it’s going to make it in Japan. The contemporary Japanese consumer embraces the bizarre and avant-garde, and it seems like the stranger the food, the more popular it will become.
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Save Net Neutrality

Net NeutralityYesterday marked the world’s first “Internet Slow Down Day,” where supporters of net neutrality banded together in an attempt to gain support for their cause. Net neutrality is the idea that the Internet, and all if its data and websites, should be presented on an even playing field, without Internet “fast lanes” for the companies that pay for greater bandwidth.

The Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) ruling to preserve open access to the Internet, but failing to make a final ruling on net neutrality, sparked the flame of protest for many Internet-based companies and individuals alike. The main area of concern for proponents of net neutrality is the FCC chairman, Tom Wheeler’s consideration to ban cable companies from deliberately slowing down specific websites, but being open to the idea of having high-speed “toll” lanes for the websites that are willing to pay for them.
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Marketing With The New iPhone 6 and Apple Watch

Apple iPhone 6 and Apple WatchWith all of the buzz flying around the new iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and Apple’s latest reveal of the Apple Watch, we cannot help but hop on the Apple bandwagon. We are, in-fact, avid Apple users here at Incitrio, so how could we not talk about Apple’s latest developments? But rather than go into detail about every new feature available in the mobile devices, we will take a look at how these new devices will affect mobile advertising.

Anytime there are significant changes to one of the most commonly used devices in America, marketers pay attention and start planning their courses of action. In the case of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, marketers are already planning and speculating about the advertising potential on the larger screens and wearable tech.
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Luxury Brands Dive Deep Into Menswear

MenswearLuxury fashion brands have begun to pay greater attention to their male demographic. With slowing women’s fashion sales, brands are venturing into the largely untapped market of high-end male fashion. Last week we discussed the rise of male-centric branded hard cider; a drink that was once a “girly” drink is now being marketed to males, and companies are seeing positive results. The same trend is appearing in the world of high fashion. These seemingly disparate categories of hard cider and fashion in fact are seeing the same trend, where men are now willing to forge their own paths in areas that were once female dominated.

Recent years have noted significant increases in men’s fashion sales, whereas women’s fashion is slowing down. In 2013, menswear retail sales were up 5% hitting $60.8 billion, whereas women’s wear was up 4% to $116.4 billion. There is no doubt that women’s fashion is the retail juggernaut compared to men’s, but retailers are recognizing a growing trend as menswear interest increases.
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Esurance Learns: Typography Choices Are Everything

Esurance TypographyThere’s nothing like the feeling of satisfaction when completing a new marketing campaign and then sending your finished product out into the world. After (maybe) months of work, you hope your campaign does well. Unfortunately for Esurance, their hard work did not pay off in their latest campaign. Over the weekend, Esurance ended up learning a painful and expensive lesson… typography is your friend not your foe, you need to learn and track wisely.
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Hard Cider Branding Goes Manly

Smith & ForgeGone are the days where beer marketers challenged themselves by trying to market beer to women. Today, the tides have turned and marketers are endeavoring to brand once-girly hard cider drinks to men. Hard cider drinks have long been popular with the female demographic thanks to its sweeter tendencies, but the popularity of hard cider with the male demographic in the U.K. has inspired marketers to take a stab at it in the U.S.
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Teen Branding 2.0: Which Brands Are Doing It Right?

VolcomIn yesterday’s blog, we dove deep into Abercrombie’s pool of branding blunders. Today, we will take a look at a variety of brands targeting the tween demographic that are successfully implementing their logo into their garment designs.

It has always been seen as a branding no-no to distort a brand’s logo or ‘bug,’ however, in the case of tween-targeted clothing brands, the funkier you can get with your logo tweaking the better. There are even variations of how the logo will be distorted based on whether the garment is for boys or girls. For the purpose of comparison in this article, we will be focusing on “beachy” brands, since we are just down the street from Fletcher’s Cove in Solana Beach.
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