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Parking Signs Redesigned

To Park or Not to ParkEverything about parking signs suggests they’re meant to aggravate you, not only with their restrictions, but also with their poorly designed presentation of those restrictions. If you are familiar with parking in a city, your process usually looks like this: park in the spot, get out, walk to the nearest sign, and gaze longingly at it, wishing it were faster to read, made sense, and didn’t require getting out of the car to see, especially when it delivers the bad news of, “No, you cannot park there.”  If you do this in a city you don’t frequent, this can be such a tedious and taxing process that it’s almost crazy that no one has stepped up to tackle this problem before, until now.

Nikki Sylianteng, a designer in New York, is going out of her way to make sure that parking with hesitation and frustration is a thing of the past. Sylianteng has been putting her signs up in New York (which happened to introduce a new design last year) and soliciting feedback on her website to further the design. LA’s city council has recently reached out to her in regard to her designs with the hopes to experiment with her designs in the real world.  Currently, the Transportation committee is in discussions with the rest of the board to determine how they would implement her designs.
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How Two Airlines Made Safety Videos Epic

Air New Zealand Screenshot

Image courtesy of www.feeldesain.com

What is the difference between a mundane airline safety video and a viral video that has people on airplanes AND at home watching safety instructions? Brilliant marketing! That’s right, airlines are utilizing pop culture to keep their traveling audiences captivated, as well as us at home.

Virgin America Airlines and Air New Zealand have found innovative ways to keep their passengers entertained through these clever airline safety videos.
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A Look Into The First Banner Ad

banner adIn 1994, five designers were assigned the task of designing the world’s first online banner ad. If a junior designer was asked today to design a banner ad, you might be met with exasperated sighs as any designer knows the pain of having to crank out banner ads by the dozens as their ad agency intern experience. But back in the early 90’s, these designers took this banner ad project head on, and made it a success, even by today’s standards.
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McDonalds’ Transparency Campaign: “Your Questions. Our Answers.”

McDonald's Transparency Campaign SignMcDonalds has introduced its latest transparency campaign, “Your questions. Our Answers.” The campaign runs the likes of Dominoes’ reboot campaign, acknowledging that there are image issues with McDonalds’ food. It appears as though this campaign is the brand’s attempt at debunking the myths that there is horsemeat and pink slime in its burgers, with the hopes of turning popular opinion of the food to the positive.

The burger brand has seen slumping profits in recent years, reporting a 4.1% drop in sales for September 2014 – the lowest sales month for McDonalds since February 2003. The campaign was designed to recapture the attention of fast-food eating consumers, and draw them away from popular – and health-oriented – chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill.
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How a Spider Caused Big Branding Problems

Brazilian Wandering Spider

Image courtesy of clickreadshare.com

Last week, one London family received the scare of their life when they received their shipment of groceries from Waitrose, an online grocery delivery service. As the father, Tim, was unpacking the bananas, he was surprised to find a creepy crawly little stowaway hiding in the fruit. What he did not know at the time was that the uninvited guest was the world’s most venomous spider. The Brazilian wandering spider spooked the frightened father, who accidentally dropped the bananas into a fruit bowl.
The Brazilian wandering spider’s bite causes hours of pain, swelling, increased heartbeat, increased salivation, paralysis, and sometimes death. Want to be even more creeped out? These spiders have leg spans between five to six inches. They are far from the largest spider, but they are incredibly dangerous.
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Starbucks’ Integrated Marketing Endeavors


Image courtesy of adweek.com

It is no secret that Starbucks is making great strides in the positive progression of their brand. Many of these efforts are based in digital marketing, while others are taking a more grass roots approach, with new brick and mortar designs. Over the past several months, Starbucks has been aggressively and successfully increasing brand awareness via online networks. In an effort to keep up with their multitude of recent marketing efforts, we will outline the latest endeavors.
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Twitter: Can I get Your Digits?

Image courtesy of www.douglaserice.com

Image courtesy of www.douglaserice.com

We’ve mentioned the Big Brother-like activity of social media, so it should be no surprise that we find Twitter leading the pack with it’s latest service – Digits. Digits is a new way to sign in to all of your apps, with the convenience of never having to remember a password. That’s right – all of your days of trying to figure out which numbers come after your dogs name, or when your mother’s birthday is, or getting hacked because “password” was in fact your password, are over!

Digits is being marketed to application developers looking for an alternative to the infamous “Forgot Password?” link. Rather than using a password, Digits allows users to register for and sign into apps using a phone number and sending an SMS confirmation code. It is also free for developers to build into their apps.
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Norway’s Currency Takes a Modern Turn

Norwegian Currency

Image courtesy of norges-bank.no

There are few projects in graphic design that are more daunting than creating a new face for an entire country’s currency. Even in a world of digital payment methods, cash is still being passed through the hands of essentially every citizen, as well as international travelers. And not only do designers have to take into account that there is some political influence but also security and counterfeit to take into consideration.

Thanks to Norway and their new banknote project, we are now seeing evidence of commercialization of good design taking place where politics tends to be the norm. The country decided to hire eight different designers to submit proposals for redesigned currency that will be circulated in 2017 by communicating “The Sea” in an appropriate manner. In the end, a combination of the two designs from two different firms were chosen for the front and back, evolving the theme to give the bank notes a traditional and modern look.
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Is the Google Penguin out to get You?

Google's Penguin 3.0 update is intended to be a hero, not a villain.

Image courtesy of batman.wikia.com.

Did you hear the news? Google has just upgraded to Penguin 3.0. Do you know what this means for your website? Before we dig into to the new update, we should mention what Google Penguin is. Google Penguin was the name assigned to the Google Algorithm update announced in April, 2012. Google’s algorithm is composed of hundreds of factors, which determine where pages will rank within Google’s search results.

Although Google does not reveal specific details about the updates, data is gathered from multiple SEO sources, mapping out the changes. The original Penguin update penalized websites that Google believed engaged in link spam. Many people have found tricks in Google’s ranking system which help their pages rank higher than they should. Instead of improving the quality of content on a page and optimizing for relevant search terms, they have decided to ignore the Google Terms & Conditions to benefit their website, or websites.
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Image courtesy of redstate.com

In our last blog, we dove into the subgroups within the millennial demographic. We will pick up where we left off and jump to number seven of the twelve subgroups.

7. Adventure-seeking Foodies
This group of millennials are ever-seeking an adventurous eat in their hometown. They are drawn to exotic cuisines and cultural experiences with an appreciation for authenticity. They likely have a higher income than the travel enthusiast, yet they do not have time to leave town. These foodies treat the eating experience as an event, going beyond the food, and enjoying every aspect of the occasion.
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