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Amazon Thinking Outside The Box

Branding Recently, Amazon experimented with a new marketing technique of placing outside advertisements on their delivery boxes. Last week, this came as a surprise for many people who were expecting a traditional brown Amazon box on their doorstep, but instead were greeted by a one-eyed goggle wearing creature. Who might this little guy be? None other than a minion.

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Five Ways For Brands To Get More Than Just A Like

Social Media GraphicIn order for brands to successfully use social media for their business goals, they must shift their focus away from collecting likes and retweets to engaging directly with their customers.

Like any happy teenage girl, brands jump for joy when they reach an all time high of likes on their posts, thinking that people are finally listening to what they have to say. Well unfortunately, according to a study conducted by social@Ogilvy, the social-media arm of Ogilvy & Mather, and SurveyMonkey, experts concluded that social media “likes” do not translate to genuine brand engagement. In the raw form, what they are trying to say is that a “like” on social media does not translate to realistic brand likability.

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Branded Animated GIFs Are On The Rise

GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. GIFs are compressed image files that reduce transfer time. GIFs provide brands with features that allow them to engage with their audience. Even though GIFs have been around for years, brands are using them more and more as their go-to social media advertising “medium.” Several companies have utilized motion GIFs in their social media posts after realizing the importance of these file formats. For example, Twitter was one of the first social platforms to support GIFs. Shortly after, many companies started taking advantage of the opportunity. Within the past couple months, cinemagraphs have skyrocketed on Instagram, Periscopes have also taken off on Twitter, and Facebook is close to letting brands post motion GIFs. GIFs allow brands to message with consumers while swapping out text for visuals.

Adam Leibsohn, Giphy’s chief operating officer states, “We are starting to see this behavior where people are using content and culture to communicate—they’re not using words anymore.” He goes on to say, “When they’re doing that, there’s an opportunity for that culture to come from a brand.”


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Advertisers Riding The Slippery Slope Of Liquid Consumers

Social Media 3d SphereConsumers are constantly striving towards something better, something new, and something more convenient. Lets face it, with all of the smart technologies on the market, society has recognized the ability to get what they want, when they want it. People are no longer grounded on one platform or homepage, but rather they have the freedom and ability to access the Internet wherever and whenever they please. This concept has brought about the idea of the “liquid consumer.” Things are no longer black and white for advertisers, but rather they are a combination of the two. A vast spread of grey area has evolved for advertisers where campaigns and promotions are no longer devised by following a simple formula. As consumers become more liquid, marketers must adapt by becoming much more “liquidly creative” and recognize that they can no longer put all of their advertisements in one place.

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A Look Into Periscope: Twitter’s Live Video Streaming App

Periscope twitter app Twitter just launched a new app known as Periscope. Periscope allows people to share live video on their mobile devices. Thus far, Twitter’s app has caught the attention of numerous brands, including Nestlé, Red Bull, Taco Bell, and Target. The question you might be asking yourself is, “Why does this app appeal to so many brands?” By using this app, brands have access to real-time moments that are special, which ultimately helps build and foster more personal relationships with their target consumers.

Brands can post Periscope videos to show their audience things like sponsored events or big announcements. In fact, Target recently used Periscope to promote their new fashion collection. In April, Targets’ Lily Pulitzer line nearly sold out within the first few days of its Periscope promotion. Additionally, Target used Periscope to launch its new Eddie Borgo line.
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Tylenol Advertisement Adjusting to Modern Times

Hands painted as rainbow gay pride flag.Recently, Tylenol launched a new advertisement titled “How We Family,” which highlighted the relationships of same-sex and interracial couples. The advertisement focuses on the notion of accepting people for “who they love, not how they love,” a growing mindset and movement for many people throughout the United States. Tylenol’s sheer acknowledgement of the changing times, perspectives, and opinions on same sex relationships connected their products directly to their consumers by engaging their brand with current social issues. While this advertisement had the potential to spur a vast amount of reactions from consumers, ultimately Tylenol succeeded in getting people to talk about their brand, and in turn (hopefully) their products.
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How To Decipher Dad’s Brand Preference

Apple logoLet’s be honest, shopping for a Father’s Day present can be more difficult than trying to run in place while patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time. An almost impossible task, however, the most determined folks will succeed. In this case, it’s the mom’s daughter, sons, etc. that will come out on top if they listen closely to the brands that their fathers love.

According to a study conducted by Y&R, researchers have found that a father’s definitive title of “head of the household” has become obsolete as gender roles become less divided. However, Y&R did find that despite moms and dads sharing the household chores and responsibilities, they truly differ in how they take on these tasks. Specifically in the way that they shop.
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Why You Should Care About Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytics, social media What Is Marketing Analytics?
Marketing analytics is defined as, “the practice of measuring, managing and analyzing marketing performance to maximize its effectiveness and optimize return on investment (ROI).” As a marketer, this practice is important to understand and fully grasp.

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Hot Topic: Updated Digital Media Stats

Digital Media, social app, mobile The world of digital media is ever-evolving. In an effort to keep up with the times, here are some digital statistics showcasing social trends, video consumption, and mobile.





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How Video Storytelling Is Used In Social Media Marketing

Storytelling videos used in social media marketing Do you watch or share videos on social media?

Are you struggling to find ways to connect with your audience?

In this new era, there has been a rise in visual storytelling on popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

Video storytelling sparks social engagement, generates social sharing, and produces meaningful opportunities. Telling stories with videos also allows brands to deliver positive experiences that enhance brand loyalty, trust, and awareness.

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