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The Humble Beginnings of Patriots’ & Seahawks’ Logos

New England vs SeattleThis Sunday, two football teams will go head-to-head in the most anticipated game of the year, Super Bowl 49. During this time, fans from across the US will be supporting their team by wearing the logos of the New England Patriots or the Seattle Seahawks. Just like big corporate logos, these two teams have been branded over time to what we see today. Unless you’re an avid fan of either team, you may not know what humble beginnings these logos have come from.
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Blue Ocean – Incitrio’s Coolest Branding Strategy for Clients


Any company, regardless of industry, can move your brand into optimal differentiation and away from heavy competition by positioning for success within the “blue” ocean canvas map.

Blue Ocean & Your Business
1. Make the competition irrelevant
2. Create & capture new demand
3. Alight company in pursuit of differentiation & lowered cost
4. Break the value-cost trade-off
5. Create uncontested market space
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5 Fun Facts From The Hubspot User Group Event

HubspotLast week, we had the privilege of attending a HubSpot User Group event. Below are five fun facts from the Hubspot Group Event with speaker Mark Roberge, CRO of HubSpot.

1. It’s not about sales, it’s about consultation.
The digital landscape is changing how we do business. It’s not a surprise, it’s just fact. If you want your business to be successful, you need to train your sales team to handle this evolution appropriately. By the time a potential customer reaches someone from your sales team, it’s likely that they have already done research on your product (via reviews and your website). The next step is to be consultative and helpful, not try to sell, sell, sell. Maybe provide information on other interesting aspects of your product that aren’t as obvious to someone who perused the website.
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A Look Into Brand Refreshing

brandrefreshSo you may be asking, what exactly is a brand refresh? To put it simply, a brand refresh can be thought of as a facelift or makeover of your company. It’s not a complete overhaul of your identity – unless this is something you might be considering – but a slight change to something updated. Making the right revisions and tweaks to your brand can help change the way your brand and company is perceived.
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From Web to TV: Friskies’ “Dear Kitten” Videos

dear-kitten-a-cute-friskies-ad-nIf you’re a savvy Internet individual, you know that Buzzfeed made major pushes to increase their following through viral videos last year. Among those videos is a series of “Dear Kitten” videos that have gained a lot of traction because, well, kittens. The series has been viewed more than 30 million times and is now about to become a spot during the Super Bowl. Making this Buzzfeed’s first television commercial. And because this series is sponsored by Friskies, this will make it the first time Friskies has advertised during the Super Bowl.
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This Girl Can: A Campaign for Girls of All Shapes and Sizes

thisgirlcanLast week, an organization that encourages women of all ages to be active in the UK, released an inspirational video depicting girls and women going hard at a variety of fitness activities. The video plays Missy Elliot’s “Get Your Freak On” as women of all shapes and sizes work hard, sweat, and love whatever form of exercise they are doing.

According to Facebook, the This Girl Can campaign was developed by Sport England and “celebrates the active women everywhere who are doing their thing no matter how they do it, how they look or even how sweaty they get.” The real kicker is their differentiating point. The This Girl Can campaign doesn’t focus on weight loss or fitting into a size determined by numbers, but rather, the importance of the feeling you get after a good workout. Some call it a runner’s high, some call it exhaustion, but it is depicted perfectly as a girl collapses on her couch after a good run. There is a satisfaction of working hard when working out.
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AMA’s Art of Marketing Conference: SEO vs PPC


Image courtesy of titandigital.com.au

In yesterday’s blog, I started with the key takeaways from the American Marketing Association’s Art of Marketing Conference I attended on Friday, January 16. Let’s pick up where I left off and continue with some fantastic SEO and PPC insights gleaned. 
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AMA’s Art of Marketing Conference: Key Takeaways

amaWhere can you find personal branding, craft beer, social media planning, PPC, SEO, Facebook representatives, and content creation all in one place? At the American Marketing Association conference, of course. Last week, I had the opportunity to attend the San Diego AMA Art of Marketing conference, and would like to share my key takeaways.
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Weird Apps Of 2014

apple-apps-hand-3510-825x550Did you ever stop what you were doing and go “Why isn’t there an app for that?” In our modern day world, apps have taken a big place in lives and we often than not go looking for apps that will either make our lives easier or just to entertain. But even with apps, there are ideas that don’t really belong. How do you come out with an app that will stand out from the crowd without creating a flop?

Most developers just seem happy to steal a little bit of thunder from already pre-existing aps, while other’s strive to find the next big thing. But even designers know that the road to originality is paved with really questionable ideas. Sometimes the road less traveled, is less traveled for a reason. Take a look at these 5 apps that really question their own existence. Read More >

Top 10 Best Perceived Brands of 2014

I Love BrandingBrand perception is a very important concept for any company trying to build an image that leaves a lasting impression in consumers’ minds. With this in mind, we thought it would be important to share the brands that are performing the best in terms of brand perception in 2014.

YouGov’s BrandIndex research found that the top three of the top ten brands were online brands with streamed media offerings. The firm has been performing research since 2007 and releases data annually. In 2014, the firm polled 5,000 people daily resulting in an astronomical 1.3 million people polled in 2014. This massive sample size tells an accurate story as far as how brands are perceived, and which brands are ranking highest in consumers’ minds.
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