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The New Late, Late Show with James Corden

James CordenJames Corden is taking The Late, Late Night Show by storm with his hilarious bits performed with celebrities. The U.K. comedian is not very well known in the U.S., so he was expecting a “terrible onslaught” of negative criticism. However, the comedian’s quippy shorts and hilarious sketches have made the show a breakout hit. So far, the video shorts have featured the perfect dose of celebrities, hilarity, and relevance to pop culture.
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Meerkat VS Periscope: Competing For Live Stream Dominance

Meerkat vs PeriscopeLive streaming via mobile apps is the latest technology spreading like wildfire through the socialsphere. Like all emerging technologies, there are trendsetting brands forging the path for the new technology, and there are heavy hitting brands swooping in to eliminate anyone in their path.

At this point, there are two horses in the race for live streaming dominance. One is a fresh startup that was the first off the starting line, the second is juggernaut-owned and a little slow to start.
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This Year’s Shorty Award Winners

Shorty AwardsThis year’s 7th annual Shorty Awards went to a wide variety of brands, agencies, and organizations. The awards go to the top brands that are creating content on the most popular digital platforms today. The award ceremony will be taking place on April 20 at the TimesCenter in New York City.

The winners were revealed on March 23rd via a 10-minute Snapchat.
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PBR Takes An Artistic Dive Into Their Next Can Design

PBRPabst Blue Ribbon is known to be very intimate with their fan base. Since 2008, they have featured artwork from fans on their website, and put on a yearly contest for artwork that would be featured on their cans. Following tradition, this year’s user generated can design will be sporting a really cool oceanic look.
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Microsoft’s Final Farewell to Internet Explorer Brand

internet_explorerMicrosoft has (finally) announced their discontinuation of the Internet Explorer browser. To take its place will be a better, faster browser under an entirely new brand. The yet-to-be-named browser is currently operating under the code name Project Spartan, and will be featured in the new Windows 10 operating system. There is no official release date set, but more details will certainly arise at the Microsoft Build 2015 conference in April.

The Internet Explorer brand is a prime example of a technology that couldn’t shake its sordid past. The browser has seen consistent drops in market share year over year, as newer browsers like Firefox and Chrome rein dominant. The newer browsers provide users faster access to the Internet with the latest innovations in browser tech, and Internet Explorer simply couldn’t keep up.
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How Late Is Too Late For Sears and Kmart?

Sears and KmartSears Holdings (which includes the Kmart brand) is slowly crawling its way to its potential demise. However, Sears will not give up without a fight, and not without spending $560 million in media per year. Apparently, there is revenue to be seen, to the tune of $20 million. So why is Sears Holdings experiencing difficulty in attracting an ad agency to help them out of their downward spiral?
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What’s To Come From SXSW 2015?

SXSWSouth by Southwest Interactive kicks off this Friday, so what can we expect to see from the multi-faceted festival? The 22nd annual South by Southwest (SXSW) interactive festival will be hosted in cool and funky Austin, Texas, starting March 13 through March 17. The festival features a myriad of cutting-edge tech and limit-pushing digital creativity. The event hosts five days of interactive presentations and panels, networking events, specialty programs, live music, film, and more. SXSW has become a millennial-focused mecca of technology preview, creative use of digital, entertainment, and analysis.
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Nielsen Confirms Twitter Activity Represents Popular Opinion

Nielsen TwitterResearchers are quickly finding that Twitter can be used as a barometer of public reaction to events and entertainment. Nielsen’s latest study found that engagement on Twitter closely correlates with realistic reactions of individuals observing the same event.
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Branded Emoticons: Marketing Via Cute Images

Ikea EmoticonEmoticons, emojis, and stickers are image-based forms of communication that allow mobile conversations to go beyond words. It is for this reason that many of your favorite (and not so favorite) brands are designing their own variety of emoticons. Mobile communication is consistently increasing month over month, so brands like Coca-Cola, Mentos, General Electric, Comedy Central, Taco Bell, and Ikea have invested marketing spend into supporting the emoji movement. These custom branded emoticons encourage user engagement with the brand beyond first-level interactions.
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YouTube: Revealing the Secrets to Viral Videos

YouTube ViralLast night, Angela Hill sponsored the EvoNexus event featuring Dylan Conroy of ChannelFactory. The presentation was called “The Secret to Making Your Video Content Go Viral” and I’m ready to share those secrets with our readers today. So, let’s dive in.
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